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BM Soho Record Shop in Soho, London

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What type of shop is the BM Soho Shop?

BM Soho Record Shop in the heart of Soho
BM Soho Record Shop in the heart of Soho
BM Soho is one of the most famous records shops in the area. It is a small space, tucked down one of Soho's smaller streets; however, it offers an enviably relevant and up-to-date selection of records. It is renowned for offering a wide selection of dance genres. You will find everything from techno to UK funky to soulful house to drum and bass to dubstep under BM Soho's roof. The staff at BM Soho are helpful, so, despite the loud music booming from the shop, you should not feel intimidated to enter. Simply explain to them a little bit about the sort of music that you like, and they will give you a selection of records that they think will be to your liking. There are five listening decks in the shop, so once you have picked what you want to listen to, you can simply grab a set of headphones and get listening.

It is worth pointing out that BM Soho hold sporadic indoor DJing sessions. In the past, these have seen everyone from Moodymann to Louie Vega take to the decks.

Where is the shop?

TubeClosest Tube: Oxford Circus (Red Line / Central Line)

tip If you cannot make it down to BM Soho you do not need to feel too disappointed - they have a good online store. Check out the link to the official website below. On the website you can listen to each record and order it online.

If you are buying records, the chances are you need some musical equipment as well. Whether you are buying a new set of decks or you need some further equipment t such as headphones, an amp or a microphone, Soho Soundhouse (now called Turnkey) should have everything that you need. Check out our Guide to Soho Soundhouse Musical Equipment shop for more details.

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