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Shopping in Covent Garden, London

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Carharrt Shop in Seven Dials
Carharrt Shop in Seven Dials
Covent Garden sits at the middle of London's city centre, and it offers shopping opportunities for all tastes and budgets. It is a suitable area to head to if you are planning a day of hard-core shopping - as there are so many shops, you will hopefully not have to walk too far to find what you are after. You will also find the classics (shops such as Reiss, Marks and Spencers and H & M) in the same area as one-off independent boutiques and important flagship stores. There is also a market in the area (more details below), where you can soak up the buzzing atmosphere.

This page will provide an overview to the shops in Covent Garden. You will find advice on what sorts of options are available to you and what parts of Covent Garden you should head to depending on what types of shops you are after. You will also find listings of a selection of Covent Garden shops. Each listing links to a more detailed page where you will be able to find out about the location, contact details, what to expect and photos of each shop. The shops have been split into categories to make it easier for you to find what you are after: clothes shops, jewellery shops, bookshops, make-up shops and computer shops.

What to expect from the shops in Covent Garden and what makes them special

Covent Garden is a reasonably large area of London. It covers some major tourist hot spots, including Covent Garden piazza, Neal Street and the Seven Dials. Once you arrive at Covent Garden tube, you will be at the very heart of these areas, and you can walk easily between the areas, to get the most of Covent Garden's shopping opportunities.

If you would like to do some shopping for clothes and other treats that you can bring home and look and feel unique in, Neal Street and the surrounding area is the place to head. This is one of the coolest shopping streets in London, particularly if you are looking for young fashion and independent designers. Neal Street is in a part of London called Seven Dials (due to the fact that there is a small roundabout the heart of it, with seven streets coming out from the roundabout). In this area, you will find shops including Mac, Urban Outfitter and Dr Martens.

If you are in search of a little bit of what you know, Long acre is the place to head. This is the street that sits directly outside Covent Garden. It is the home of a handful of designer stores, alongside high street favourites such as Cos, Mango and Reiss. The central location of the street means that many of these stores are big and some of them are even the flagships.

For options that will appeal most to tourists, it is best to head to the Covet Garden piazza here. This is where you will find the Covent Garden Market (see more details below). Surrounding the market are rows of classy stores selling everything from jewellery to traditional biscuits and perfumes.

Clothes shops in the Covent Garden

Covent Garden has clothes shops to suit young and old, male and female. See the advice above for more specific details on the areas that you should head to, depending on what types of clothes shops you are looking for.

Reiss Shop
Bloch shop
Paul Smith
Moss Bros suit shop
True Religion jeans shop

Jewellery shops

Covent Garden is an excellent place to buy jewellery. If you want to buy something less expensive, you could head to one of the high street stores on Long Acre and the surrounding area. If you enjoy unique jewellery that will make you stand out from the crowd, you will find a great selection of handmade jewellery at the Covent Garden market. If you fancy splashing out on something special, there is a selection of high-class jewellery stores to choose from.

Les Nereides jewellery shop

The Covent Garden Bead shop

Book shops

In and around Covent Garden you will find a handful of both independent and chain bookshops offering everything from travel literature to coffee table books. The Stanfords book shop offers a particularly enjoyable shopping experience as it is located inside an old Edwardian building and also has a café where you can sit and while away the hours whilst leafing through their books.

Stanfords travel book shop in Covent Garden

Computer shops in Covent Garden

In the Covent Garden piazza you will find a large Apple Store. Computer fans will be able to waste hours in this large and appealing space with its high ceilings and glass front. The space is more than just a normal shop, offering free demonstration, talks and the opportunity to try out the latest Apple products.

Apple store in Covent Garden

Make-up shops in Covent Garden

Throughout Covent Garden you will find a plethora of beauticians, hairdressers and cosmetics shops. If you fancy getting a make-over, you can head to one of these places to get pampered. The Mad make-up shop sits on Neal Street, nestled amongst the fashionable clothes shops. It is a fabulous place to head for cutting edge make-up.

Mac make-up shop in Covent Garden

Shoe shops

Covent Garden has shoe shops at every turn. You will find popular options such as Kurt Geiger, Aldo and Camper. You will also find the world-famous Dr Martens store. Here you will be able to choose a pair of the iconic boots in all of the colours of the rainbow.

A shoe shop in Covent Garden
A shoe shop in Covent Garden

Dr Martens shoe shop in Covent Garden

One of the well-known shopping options in Covent Garden is the market. It sits inside the old fashioned wrought iron market building at the centre of Covent Garden's main square - the piazza. It is an interesting place to head to soak up the local atmosphere and look at some artisan treats offered by local independent vendors. For details on what the market has to offer, including location, opening times and what to expect, see our Guide to Covent Garden Market.

The food court in Neal Street
The food court in Neal Street

During a hard day of shopping, it's important to keep your energy levels up - there's no better way to do this than stopping for a delicious long lunch. Or perhaps you'd like to end your shopping day with a trip to a good restaurant. Covent Garden offers a wide range of eating options to suit all tastes and budgets. For links to restaurant listings, with location, opening times and booking information, see our Guide to Places to Eat in Covent Garden.

During a holiday in London it is worth taking a trip to the shops. London is known throughout the world as a centre of fashion and style. Before your trip, take a look at the listings and advice provided above to make the most of the shopping opportunities in Covent Garden.

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