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Reiss Clothes Shop in Covent Garden, London

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What type of shop is Reiss?

Reiss is fast becoming one of the nation's favourite high street stores. It offers stylish and grown-up fashion options for both men and women. It is more expensive than options such as H and M or Mango. However, it offers a high standard of well-made and well-designed products. The Covent Garden branch of Reiss offers a large open plan space for both men and women to find what they are after. If you are in need of some second opinions during your shopping Reiss is a good place to head - staff are attentive and helpful and will advise you on the clothing that best suits your tastes and needs. Head to Reiss if you are looking for anything from a Christmas party dress to a smart work suit to a chic wardrobe for a weekend away.

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