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La Tasca Spanish Restaurant in Covent Garden, London

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La Tasca is a Spanish chain restaurant that sits in the heart of Covent Garden. Less authentic than more independent Spanish restaurants, what it lacks in authenticity it makes up for in affordable prices and party atmosphere. Like TGI Fridays of Belgos, it is a place to head to start a night out with a large group of friends. The restaurant specialise in dealing with large groups. The food on offer is tapas. This means that, rather than each person ordering their own plate of food, you can all decide as a group what you would like to order, and you will get the opportunity to try everything.

La Tasca Restauarnt in Covent Garden
La Tasca Restauarnt in Covent Garden

Cuisine: Spanish (tapas)

La Tasca Restaurant Covent Garden
23 - 24 Maiden Lane
Covent Garden

Tube Tube: Covent Garden (Red Line / Central Line)


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