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Piccadilly Circus restaurants, London

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Piccadilly Circus sits right at the very heart of London's city centre, ensuring that in easy walking distance of the square you will find eating-out options for the family. There are few restaurants in Leicester Square itself. However, in the surrounding area, you will find everything from high-end restaurants for a glamorous night out to fast food joints for an affordable meal for the whole family.

This page will provide an overview to the eating options in Piccadilly Circus. You will find advice on signs to look out for to make decisions on some of the best places for you. You will also find listings of some of the popular Piccadilly Circus restaurants.

Each listing will provide a link to a page with further information where you will be able to look into the location, contact details, what to expect, and how to book each restaurant. Each restaurant has been categorised by what kind of cuisine it offers: Indian, Japanese, Pizza/ Italian, High-end, Lebanese and Family. This should make it easier for you to find what you are after.

Advice on eating out in Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus is at the very heart of tourist London - this means that the essential thing to remember when you are searching for your lunch or dinner spot is to avoid tourist traps. There is the odd restaurant around Leicester square where the standard of the food does not reflect the prices - these are, of course, the ones to avoid. The important thing to remember is that:

Sometimes one of the best places to eat are off the beaten track - don't be afraid to head down the smaller streets around the square.

A crowd is normally a good sign - especially if the crowd is made up largely of the nationality of people of the cuisine that the restaurant is serving (Japanese locals, for example, will know where some of the best Japanese spots are).

Accolades are a promising sign - keep an eye out in the restaurant windows for recent awards from establishments such as Time Out, Zagat and Frommers.

Piccadilly Circus has restaurants to suit, whether you are having dinner on the hop or have an occasion planned. In many of the establishments, there will be no need to book in advance - you will be able to arrive and get a table without a reservation. However, if you are eating in one of the more formal restaurants or if you are arriving with a big group, it is worth booking in advance. Take a look at each individual listing for advice on whether you should book in advance.

When you are in Piccadilly Circus it is worth remembering that you are less than ten minutes' walk from Soho. Soho is one of the best areas in the whole of London to sample some of the best food. For a full guide to the restaurants in Soho, see our Guide to Eating Out in Soho.

Indian restaurants

There is a wealth of Indian restaurants in the area surrounding Piccadilly Circus. You will be able to find both modern places putting a new spin on Indian cuisine and traditional establishments offering the highest standard of Asian food. For a guide to Indian restaurants in Piccadilly Circus and the surrounding area, see our Guide to Eating Out in Indian Restaurants in Piccadilly Circus.

Pizza/ Italian restaurants in the area

Pizzerias are preferred options if you would like a meal out that won't break the bank. They tend to appeal to everybody, and you can enjoy a laidback pizza and a glass of wine in an informal setting. There are a wide range of pizzerias in and around Piccadilly Circus ranging from more grown-up options to ones that the kids will love. For a full guide to the pizza options in Piccadilly Circus and the surrounding area, see our Guide to Pizzerias in Piccadilly Circus.

Japanese and Sushi restaurants

Around Piccadilly Circus you will find some of the best sushi restaurants in the whole of London. For a guide to where to head for Japanese restaurants in and around Piccadilly Circus, see our Guide to Japanese eateries in Piccadilly Circus.

If you are interested in sushi in particular, check out our Guide to Sushi Restaurants in Piccadilly Circus.

Lebanese restaurants

Piccadilly Circus and the surrounding streets are places to head to if you would like to discover some cuisines that you have never tried before. Lebanese is just one of a great number of exotic foods that can be found in restaurants in the area. Noura is a popular Lebanese restaurant less than one minute's walk from Piccadilly Circus - for details, see our Guide to Noura Restaurant in Piccadilly Circus.

Noura Lebanese Restaurant in Piccadilly Circus
Noura Lebanese Restaurant in Piccadilly Circus

Family restaurants

Piccadilly Circus is an excellent area for finding restaurants for the whole family. It is an area that is packed with entertainment centres, museums and cinemas. This ensures that there are also a great deal of places to eat that will appeal to the kids.

Rainforest café

Rainforest café appeals directly to kids, with a youthful menu and lots of gimmicks in the restaurant.

Rainforest Cafe near Piccadilly Circus
Rainforest Cafe near Piccadilly Circus

If you are looking for a more affordable option, McDonalds does the trick. See our Guide to McDonalds in Piccadilly Circus.

Piccadilly Circus and the surrounding area is a place to bring the kids for some fun lunch or dinner. On the small street that links Piccadilly Circus to Leicester Square, you will find the Trocadero Centre (home to the Rainforest Cafe - see above). In the Trocadero centre, you will find a whole host of fast food joints that the kids will love. Also, Leicester Square itself offers a wide range of restaurants that will appeal to the young ones in the family - places such as Chiquitos and Burger King. For details of where to take the family, see our Guide to Places to Eat in Leicester Square.

Piccadilly Circus is a place that has a generous offering of eateries to suit all tastes and budgets. Before you go there, take a look at the options that are available to you and do some advance planning - this will help you to find some of the best offerings and to make bookings if necessary. Get yourselves sorted and you're sure to be in for a delicious treat in one of the eateries in or around Piccadilly Circus.

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