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Zilli Fish Soho Italian Restaurant in Soho, London

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Zilli Fish is an Italian seafood restaurant in the heart of Soho. It offers a relaxing place to tuck into some fresh and sustainable seafood cooked in simple Italian methods. The menu consists of classics including seafood risotto, crab linguine and lobster ravioli. And do not fear, if you are not a big seafood lover, you will find plenty of other dishes of interest on the menu, including steak and chicken escalope. The restaurant interior is simple with whitewashed walls and tanned leather seating - a perfect place to enjoy a leisurely and long lunch sipping on white wine and nibbling on fresh seafood.

Zilli Fish restaurant in Soho
Zilli Fish restaurant in Soho

Cuisine: Italian seafood

Zilli Fish Soho
36 - 40 Brewer Street

Tube Tube: Piccadilly Circus (Brown Line / Bakerloo Line, Blue Line / Piccadilly Line)

How to book:

Telephone bookings: You can book over the phone using the number above.

Email bookings: You cannot book via email at Zilli Fish in Soho. If you wish to book online you will need to use the online booking service (see above).

Walk-in bookings: Getting a walk-in table at Zilli Fish is hit and miss. It is popular in the area with groups who come for either business or leisure. For this reason, it is best to book in advance to ensure a table. However, it is also a big restaurant so you may be in luck - if you are already in the area and fancy some seafood it is worth checking whether they may have the odd table spare.

If you cannot get a table at Zilli Fish you can try one of the other parts of the Zilli empire Zilli Fish is part of a group of restaurants in the area including Zilli Green and Zilli Cafe.

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