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Strada Italian Restaurant in Piccadilly Circus, London

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Strada are a chain of Italian restaurants that can be found all over London and the whole of Britain, They have a reputation for serving a high standard of pizzas, alongside an impressive menu of pastas, salads and desserts. There is no Strada directly on Piccadilly Circus, however there is one close by (see the information below). The Strada on Panton Street offer a light and airy place to enjoy a leisurely lunch or dinner. Modern, distinctive and slick wooden chairs match the wooden tables and floors. The restaurant attracts a cosmopolitan crowd who come to enjoy affordable and high quality Italian food in pleasant and relaxed surroundings.

Cuisine: Italian

How to book:

Telephone bookings: You can book over the phone using the number above.

Online bookings: you can book online at The Strada Restaurant by booking on the Online Booking Service on the Official Strada Website

Email bookings: There is no e-mail booking option for Strada Restaurant.

Walk-in bookings: Strada is generally a good option if you are looking for a walk-in table. If you are in the area and need to quickly find somewhere to eat, head to Strada and they will hopefully have a table - they have seating for 112 diners. However, if you are coming with a large group of people it is worth booking a day or two in advance, particularly if you are coming at the weekend.

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