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Soho Pizzerias: Overview to Where to Go for Pizza in Soho, London

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A trip to a pizzeria might just be the perfect start to a night out in Soho. You can head to an affordable and bustling pizza joint to fill your bellies and chat with your friends. Throughout Soho, you will find all manner of pizza restaurants - everything from slick and trendy Italians to family-run Soho institutions. As you wander through Soho looking for your dinner, head to the places that are busy and off the beaten track for some of the best Soho dining experiences.

This page will provide an overview to the pizza restaurants in Soho. You will find listings for some of Soho's popular pizzerias. They are split into categories of high-end pizzerias, more affordable pizza restaurants and take away pizza places.

You will also find links to individual pages on some of Soho's popular Italian restaurants. Each listing links to an informative page where you will be able to find out about the location, contact details, what to expect and photos of the restaurant.

What to expect from the Pizza restaurants in Soho

Jazz at Pizza Express pizzeria in Soho
Jazz at Pizza Express pizzeria in Soho

In many ways pizzas sum up everything that people love about Soho - they are informal, fun, convenient and delightful to share with friends. Dotted throughout Soho, you will find some excellent quality pizza restaurants where you can satisfy your hunger and socialise in relaxed and atmospheric surroundings.

As you wander the streets of Soho you will find a whole host of places to grab a pizza. If you are unsure of which ones will provide the tastiest and authentic options, it is best to check for that age-old litmus test - which place has the most people in it! Of course, this is not the only test - in Soho style can sometimes rule over substance, so a trendy new pizzeria may draw more customers than an authentic and established one. Therefore, it is also worth checking the prices and the menus to see if the pizzerias offer something that you fancy.

It is also worth remembering that a trip to a pizzeria in Soho doesn't just have to mean filling up and nothing more. One of Soho's popular jazz joints is also a Pizza Express pizzeria. See below for more details.

High-end Pizza restaurants in Soho

Pizza Express in Soho: The main Pizza Express in Soho is actually called 'Jazz at Pizza Express'. This is because they host nightly live jazz alongside the pizzas. The large and open space in the heart of Soho has the distinctive Pizza Express style - large windows, marble top tables and crisp blue features. Here it comes accompanied with jazz music, ensuring that the place is buzzing and seats are filled. Pizza Express in Soho

Authentic Pizza restaurants in Soho

It is worth remembering that when you are in Soho, you are close to Covent Garden - another part of London that backs right onto Soho. In Covent Garden, you will find a further selection of places to grab a pizza. Places such as Fire and Stone and Pizza Express offer further pizza-eating options - see our Guide to Places to Eat in Covent Garden for more details.

Pizza take-aways in Soho

On a night out in Soho you may want to grab something to eat and then hit the bars and clubs. In Soho, you'll find a whole host of options for heading to for a drink or a dance. Take a look at our Guide to bars in Soho for more ideas on places to head for a drink. And check out our Guide to Soho Clubbing for ideas on where to head once you've finished your drinks and you fancy hitting the dance floor.

Throughout Soho you will find a whole host of restaurants covering every nationality of food that you can think of. If what you are craving is a good old-fashioned filling and delicious pizza, Soho has a great selection of offerings. Take a stroll through the area, keep an eye (and nose!) out for places that take your fancy and tuck in!

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