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Pizza Express Soho Pizza Restaurant in Soho, London: Guide to Pizza Express Restaurant in Soho

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Pizza Express is, of course, a national institution. There are a selection of Pizza Express restaurants in Soho. However, this page will deal with the famous Jazz Club Soho, which is a Pizza Express. It is a large Pizza Express restaurant that sits in the heart of Soho and offers live jazz for its diners. The space sits on the corner of a Soho street and has large windows, allowing you to see into the classic restaurant space within. This is a good place to head if you would like to get an affordable Italian dinner accompanied by some live music - exactly what Soho is all about!

Cuisine: Italian

Jazz at Pizza express restaurant and jazz bar in Soho
Jazz at Pizza express restaurant and jazz bar in Soho

Jazz at Pizza Express Jazz
10 Dean Street

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7437 9595

Website: Official Jazz at Pizza Express Website

Opening times:

Monday - Saturday: 11:30 - 23:00
Sunday: 11:30 - 22:30

Tube Tube: Piccadilly Circus (Brown Line / Bakerloo Line, Blue Line / Piccadilly Line)

How to book:

Telephone bookings: You can book over the phone using the number above.

Online bookings: You can book a table at Pizza Express in Soho by using the online booking service: jazzBook.aspx?showId=4f13e07c-eebd-4437-9fb3-8bed79849f11&showDateId=4505

Email bookings: You cannot book via email at Pizza Express in Soho. If you wish to book online you will need to use the online booking service (see above).

Walk-in bookings: Jazz at Pizza Express is obviously one of the popular Pizza Express restaurants in the area due to the free live music that is available whilst you eat. However, in general (unless you come on a Friday or Saturday night) you should not have too much difficulty getting a walk-in table at Jazz at Pizza Express.

If you cannot get a table at Jazz at Pizza Express in Soho, it is worth checking whether you can get a table at other Pizza Expresses in the area - there are alot of Pizza Express restaurants in and around central London. To find out about other Pizza Express restaurants in the area see the Official pizza Express website restaurant finder.

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