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Sushi in Soho, London

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If you are looking for some high quality and authentic sushi, Soho is one of the best places to head in the whole of London. Throughout the small and winding streets of this part of town, you will find a particularly high concentration of sushi restaurants. Whether you are in search of a slick and modern eatery or a genuinely authentic and low key affair, you will find what you are looking for in Soho.

This page will provide an overview to the sushi bars in Soho. There are overview details to the types of sushi restaurants and shops that can be found in Soho and where to head, depending on what you are looking for. You will also find links to individual pages on some of Soho's popular Japanese restaurants. Each listing links to an informative page where you will be able to find out about the location, contact details, what to expect and photos of the restaurant.

What to expect from the sushi restaurants in Soho

Soho's streets are packed with places where you can try out some sushi. The area offers a great deal of authentic sushi restaurants that are run by Japanese people who are well-versed in the art of sushi making.

When you are looking for a place to try out some sushi, remember, it is not always the ones that look the best that will actually be the best. Some of the highest quality and authentic experiences can be found at the restaurants that may have minimal décor or canteen-style seating. If you are struggling to choose which of the restaurants stands out from the rest in terms of quality, look out for the stickers in the windows. Some of the sushi restaurants may have been recommended by the likes of Time Out or Michelin. If they have received a recommendation recently (a 2002 recommendation does not necessarily mean that they are still serving a high standard of food), chances are, they offer quality sushi.

In Soho you will also find that it may be the unassuming-looking restaurants that draw the biggest crowd. If you see a plush and shiny sushi bar with nobody in it sitting next door to an understated and basic looking sushi bar with a queue out of the door, you know exactly which place you should be heading to for good-tasting sushi!

High-end sushi restaurants

If you are in search of a glamorous night out in the city centre, some of Soho's sushi restaurants offer a suitable place to head to. It is worth bearing in mind that sushi, in general, is expensive. Therefore, if you are heading to one of the more high-end sushi restaurants, you will need to make sure that you bring your credit card!

Yauatcha Michelin Starred restaurant in Soho
Yauatcha Michelin Starred restaurant in Soho


Yauatcha is one of the oriental restaurants in the whole of London that has a Michelin star. The place exudes glamour, with black marble, an entire wall made out of a fish tank and a ground floor tea rooms. For details on Yauatcha, including address, contact details and photographs, see our Guide to Yauatcha in Soho.

Inamo offer a modern and exciting new concept in Japanese restaurants. The restaurant looks as though you have stepped into the future - menus appear as interactive touch screens on each table top. This is not the place to head if you are looking for Japanese traditionalism; however it is perfect if you are after a dynamic and exciting night out. For full information on heading to and booking Inamo, see our Guide to Inamo.

Satsuma Sushi and Noodle Bar in Soho
Satsuma Sushi and Noodle Bar in Soho

Satsuma sits on one of Soho's biggest and busiest streets. It offers slick modernism with long shared tables and a black interior. The menu at Satsuma is long, ensuring that if there are members of the group who are not sushi lovers, they can tuck into rice or noodle dishes whilst you enjoy your maki rolls. Satsuma Soho.

Authentic sushi restaurants

Soho offers a wide selection of well-priced and authentic sushi restaurants where you can try sushi exactly as you could expect to find it in Japan. If you are willing to be adventurous, you could simply head to Soho, get lost in its backstreets and look for the places that look popular (see above for more advice). However, if you would like to plan ahead, see below for some helpful suggestions of affordable and authentic places to head to.

Taro Noodle and Sushi Bar:

In recent years Taro has become so popular that they have recently opened a second branch in Soho. Taro offers shared tables and freshly made sushi in understated and bright surroundings. You can come with a tenner in your pocket and leave satisfied. If you would like to try a Japanese selection, try one of the bento boxes.

Taro Sushi and Noodle Bar
61 Brewer Street

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7734 5826

Sushi take-aways

If you are in a rush during your visit to Soho, or perhaps it is a sunny day and you would like to get some take-away sushi to eat in the park, you will find a good selection of places to get sushi on the hop. Throughout Soho you will find places offering boxed up sushi for workers on their lunch break. To ensure that you get the more quality take away sushi options, we have provided you with some of the best options in the area.


Arigato is a Japanese supermarket in the heart of Soho that also has a sushi bar where you can get freshly made take away sushi.

To find out more about Arigato, see our Guide to shopping in Soho.

Yo Sushi:

Yo Sushi is one of the famous and largest sushi chains in England. You will be able to sit in at Yo Sushi in Soho and enjoy the sushi fast food that comes around on conveyor belts. However, you can also get boxes of take away sushi.

Yo Sushi Soho
52 Poland Street

Website: Yo Sushi Official Website

On a night out in Soho you may want to grab something to eat and then hit the bars and clubs. In Soho you'll find a whole host of options for heading to for a drink or a dance. Take a look at our Guide to bars in Soho for more ideas on places to head for a drink. And check out our Guide to Soho Clubbing for ideas on where to head once you've finished your drinks and you fancy hitting the dance floor.

You may decide that you fancy Japanese food, but that something other than sushi is more what you are in the mood for. If this is the case then you should try Bincho Yakatori. Bincho Yakatori offer specialist Japanese skewers that are chargrilled - a popular new eating phenomenon in Soho.

Bincho Japanese Skewers Restaurant in Soho
Bincho Japanese Skewers Restaurant in Soho

Eating out in Soho throws up a whole world of eating options. Amongst these you will finds an impressive and exciting selection of places to try out sushi. Sushi may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of a trip to London; however the capital actually has some impressive and authentic establishments. Sushi can often be an expensive dinner choice, but if you do your research you will be able to find some places to try out the delicacy at affordable prices.

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