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Japanese Restaurants in Soho, London

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Soho is certainly not short of places to head for an authentic, satisfying and high-quality Japanese meal. Whether you would like a big bowl of steaming noodles or a delicate platter of freshly made sushi, Soho definitely has what you are after. Sushi is so popular in Soho that we have dedicated a whole separate page to listings of sushi bars in Soho (see below for the link). On this page, I will focus on the oriental restaurants in the area that are serving noodles, rice and stir fry dishes.

This page will provide an overview to the Japanese restaurants in Soho. You can find some advice and tips on the types of Japanese restaurants that can be found in Soho and where to head depending on what you are looking for.

You will also find links to a separate page on some of Soho's popular sushi restaurants. On this page, you will find that each listing links to an informative page where you will be able to find out about the location, contact details, what to expect and photos of the restaurant.

What to expect from the Japanese restaurants in Soho

Soho is full of places to enjoy Japanese food. Some of these restaurants are purely Japanese - they serve sushi, skewers or other dishes that are specific to Japan. Alongside these, you will find a whole array of restaurants that refer to themselves as 'oriental'. This means that you will find dishes from places such as China, Korea and Thailand on the menu, alongside the Japanese cuisine. Many of these restaurants offer a high standard of food, and there is no need to be concerned that the lack of specialism means that there will be a drop in quality.

Japanese noodle bars

One of the other popular types of Asian and Oriental cuisine in Soho is Thai food. Throughout the area, you will find a wide range of restaurants offering tasty and authentic Thai cuisine. For listings and advice on how to find some of the best Thai restaurants, head to our Guide to Thai restaurants in Soho.


As you already probably know, Wagamama are a massive chain that can be found throughout the UK. They offer an impressively high standard of oriental cuisine in distinctive surroundings. Seating is at long canteen-style shared tables, and you will find yourself in a large room with bright lighting and a bustling atmosphere. The menu contains a wide selection of soups, rice, curries and noodle dishes.

Wagamama Soho
42 Great Marlborough Street

Tel: +44 (0) 20 3117 5555

Website: Official Wagamama Soho Website

tip It is important to remember that noodle bars do not necessarily follow the traditional European way of eating a meal. At places like Wagamama, you will not order a starter and a main. You can simply order a main dish and then some side dishes if you fancy them. Everything will arrive together, so you can tuck into your sides alongside the main dishes. Also, dishes will be served as soon as they are ready. This means that you might get your food before or after your fellow diners.

Tuk Tuk:

You will instantly understand the importance of Tuk Tuk when you look through the window. It is also packed with South East Asian people - a sure sign that what they are serving is high quality and authentic. Tuk Tuk looks like a fast food joint - it has plastic furniture and neon signs in the window. It sits in the very heart of Soho and offers satisfying and generous rice and noodle dishes at affordable prices.

Sushi restaurants

Soho is packed with sushi bars. You will find them in the most unlikely and obscure of places - inside supermarkets and above shops. Some of the best quality, freshest and authentic sushi can be found in the least impressive looking places. It is difficult to know where to head when there are so much choice and so few clues telling you how to find some of the best of the bunch. Check out our Guide to Eating Sushi in Soho for some insider tips. On this page, you will also find listings for some of Soho's best sushi bars and even links to individual pages detailing the popular sushi bars in town.

On a night out in Soho you may want to grab something to eat and then hit the bars and clubs. In Soho, you'll find a whole host of options for heading to for a drink or a dance. Take a look at our Guide to bars in Soho for more ideas on places to head for a drink. And check out our Guide to Soho Clubbing for ideas on where to head once you've finished your drinks and you fancy hitting the dance floor.

In the whole of London, Soho is arguably one of the best place to head to try out some authentic Japanese cuisine. The area is full of everything from Japanese supermarkets to take away sushi joints to Michelin starred oriental eateries. As it can often be difficult to tell which restaurants are offering the highest standard of food, it is worth doing some research in advance. Use the advice that we have given you both on this page and on our Soho sushi page (see the link above) to hunt out the interesting Japanese places in town. Remember, heading off the beaten track tends to reap the greatest rewards - try somewhere a little bit different, and you are likely to have a meal to remember.

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