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Japanese Restaurants in Piccadilly Circus, London

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Japanese restaurants are popular in London. Throughout the city centre, you will find restaurants serving everything from sushi to traditional Japanese barbecued skewers. There are restaurants to suit all ages and tastes. Some Japanese restaurants offer theatre and novelty - you can watch the chefs in action. Others focus on high-quality cuisine in basic surroundings - don't forget you should not judge a book by its cover. And more still provide a lively setting for a night out - a buzzing atmosphere and glamorous surroundings. There is something for everybody in terms of Japanese restaurants in central London.

This page will give you an overview to the Japanese restaurants in Piccadilly Circus and the surrounding area. You can see listings for some of Piccadilly Circus's most popular places to eat Japanese food. You will find that there are not many Japanese restaurants directly on Piccadilly Circus. However, in the surrounding areas, you will find an astounding number of options. On this page, I have split the restaurant options into those right next to Piccadilly Circus and those in the nearby area of Soho (which is about five minutes' walk from the square).

Don't forget - there is a large choice of places to eat when you head to Piccadilly Circus. You will have the choice of restaurants in the square and the surrounding streets for a whole range of taste, ages and wallet sizes. For a guide to eating out in the area, see our Guide to Restaurants in Piccadilly Circus

What to expect from the Japanese restaurants in Piccadilly Circus

The centre of London is a good place to head to learn about Japanese culture and cuisine. You will find both high-end Japanese restaurants and a wealth of Japanese supermarkets where you can also sit and try some freshly made sushi or sharing dishes. The experiences can be different depending on where you decide to eat, so it is worth doing some forward planning and research to ensure that you get exactly what you are after.

If you want to try some authentic sushi, you should be able to try this in any number of informal little places for either lunch or dinner. If you fancy a glamorous night out with your pals in a Japanese restaurant, it is probably worth booking.

Here you will find, firstly, options that can be reached in less than two minutes from Piccadilly Circus. There are also ideas for Japanese restaurants in Soho. Soho is one of the best places in London to head to for sushi, and it can be reached from Piccadilly Circus in under ten minutes.

Japanese restaurants right next to Piccadilly Circus


This is an amusing place to bring the kids. They will be brimming with excitement about the original and novel way in which food is served. The seating is around small cooking stations where you can watch the theatrical way in which the chefs serve the food. If you're lucky, they may even throw a grilled prawn for you to catch in your mouth! It is a large restaurant space that has room for the whole family.

For a full guide to the restaurant, with information on how to make a reservation, where it is located, what to expect and contact details, see our Guide to Benihana Restaurant in Piccadilly Circus.

Japan Centre:

The Japan Centre is a good place to head to if you would like to gain a real insight into Japanese gastronomical culture. It is a large supermarket that also has an eatery inside it. You can have a stroll around and check out the Japanese produce - you will find everything from Hello Kitty biscuits to fresh seafood from a fish counter. If you would like to eat whilst you are there, you can order sushi, broths and rice dishes from a counter and enjoy it at canteen-style seating. The perfect place to drop by for a quick and authentic lunch.

Japan Centre
19 Shaftesbury Avenue

Tel: +44 (0) 87 0820 0055

Website: The Japan Centre Official Website


Itsu Restaurant in Piccadilly Circus
Itsu Restaurant in Piccadilly Circus

Itsu is a health food fast food chain that is becoming increasingly popular in London. Their motto is 'health and happiness' and they offer a nutritious, tasty and quick place to grab a bite. You will order your food from the counter (there are noodles and rice dishes) or choose boxes of sushi from chiller displays. The long queues at lunchtime are testament to the high quality and affordability of what's on offer. If you are health-conscious, the displays of each dish's nutritional value will help you decide on what you would like to order.

313 Regent Street

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7580 2773

Website: The Official Itsu Piccadilly Circus Website

Japanese restaurants in nearby Soho

Soho is an area that is absolutely jam-packed with Japanese restaurants. Down practically every street in the area you will find a café or restaurant specialising in some kind of Japanese cuisine. You can walk to Soho from Piccadilly Circus in under ten minutes. Japanese restaurants in Soho that are particularly close to Piccadilly Circus include Kulu Kulu, Taro and Satsuma.

For a full guide to what to expect from the Japanese restaurants in Soho, see our Guide to Japanese Restaurants and Sushi Bars in Soho

Here you will find links to detailed pages providing the booking options, contact details and location of each restaurant listed. You will also find advice on how to choose some of the best restaurants in the area.

Don't forget that, in Soho you will be able to come across a whole variety of restaurants offering food from around the world. Some of these are fusion restaurants that will have Japanese influences. Others offer cuisines from different areas in Asia. To find out more about all of the options that are available to you in Soho, see our Guide to Eating Out in Soho

The phrase 'Japanese restaurants' covers a multitude - it can mean anything from a flashy and modern restaurant where you will need to dress to impress, to an informal lunch spot that is favoured amongst Japanese locals. If you are hoping to try some sushi or other Japanese food in the capital, it is worth doing some advance research in order to find the hottest spots - they are not always in the most likely of places. Be adventurous and you are sure to leave satisfied.

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