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Crazy Bear Sushi Restaurant in Covent Garden, London

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Crazy Bear is one of Covent Garden's most exclusive restaurants. It is actually a member's bar and restaurant, meaning that if you want to eat there, you will need to be a member or be invited by a member (to find out more about becoming a member you can contact Crazy Bear on the number below). The members club offers different dining options - there is a sushi bar and a dining room. There is also a lounge area where you can nibble on some smaller plates to accompany the legendary cocktails.

If you would like to find out more about the cocktail bar at Crazy Bear, see our Guide to Crazy Bear Cocktail Bar.

Crazy Bear restaurant
Crazy Bear restaurant

Cuisine: Japanese

Website: Official Crazy Bear Covent Garden Website

As Crazy Bear is a member's club, opening times can vary and it will depend on what part of the restaurant and bar you are coming to. Therefore, once you have gained membership it is best to ask about opening hours.

Tube Tube: Covent Garden (Red Line / Central Line)

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