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Online Map of the Area in and around Westminster, London

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Big Ben in Westminster
Big Ben in Westminster

Westminster sits right in the very heart of London, just north of the River Thames. It is the area to head to if you would like to see the Houses of Parliament. However, there are other delights to experience in the area, including bars and restaurants and other attractions, like Westminster Cathedral.

This page will provide a map of Westminster and the surrounding area. Westminster tube station is pinpointed on the map so that you can see where it is in relation to the other parts of the area.

There is a lot to find out about Westminster and the surrounding areas. If you would like to find out more about Westminster and what it has to offer, including the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, 10 Downing Street, Westminster cathedral, bars, restaurants and parking, see our Guide to Westminster.

Click here for a detailed street map of Westminster

Whilst you are in the area it is a good idea to pick up a printed map that you can walk around with. There are a number of tourist information offices that sit within walking distance of Westminster tube station. At the tourist information office, they will offer you a free map pinpointing the main attractions in the area. To find out where the different tourist information offices are located, see the Official Visit London Website.

Westminster makes it a perfect starting point for exploring the city. Prior to your visit, use the map above to gain an understanding of where you will be and how to get to the places you want to head to. We guarantee that with a little bit of planning you can enjoy a day out in Westminster.

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