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How To Buy Cheap Theatre Tickets - Leicester Square Ticket Booths Demistified

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Tkts ticket booth in Leicester Square
Tkts ticket booth in Leicester Square
On entering Leicester Square you will notice that it was packed with booths selling cheap theatre tickets. These places offer the opportunity to get last minute tickets for shows in the West End at reduced rates. The original one of these ticket booths is 'tkts' - located in the centre of Leicester Square in the clock tower building, it is run by the Society of London Theatre.

This page will provide you with details on the 'tkts' ticket booth - where it is located, how to contact them and how to use the service. There is also advice on what to look out for and what to avoid at the other theatre ticket booths around Leicester Square.

'tkts' in Leicester Square

The original ticket booth in Leicester Square is called 'tkts'. It was opened in 1980 by the Society of London Theatre'. The profits made by 'tkts' are used by the society to fund activities in the theatre industry. They offer half price tickets on the day that a show is being performed. However they also offer discounts on advance tickets.

How to use 'tkts' booth

A West End show near Leicester Square
A West End show near Leicester Square

On a day out in London you may make a last minute decision to go to see a show or you may have a particular show in mind that you would like to see. In these instances you can head to Leicester Square to the 'tkts' booth. Here you will find boards on the left hand side of the building (if you are facing the ticket booths). They will display what shows are offering half price tickets that day.

Tkts information board in Leicester Square
Tkts information board in Leicester Square

If you have not decided on a particular play that you would like to see this is helpful as you can choose from the options that are listed. If you have a particular show in mind that you want to see and it is not on these boards it is worth checking the boards on the right hand side of the ticket desks. These will tell you about discount tickets that are available in advance. Even if you do not see the name of the show that you want to see on any of the boards, 'tkts' advise that it is still worth asking whether they have tickets for your show.

Once you have picked a show that you want to see you can go and purchase your tickets from the ticket desk. If you have any questions about the show you will be seeing you can ask the staff at the desks.

The person at the ticket desk will show you where you will be seated in the theatre. It is worth checking whether the seats offer a restricted view of the stage. You can pay for tickets using cash, card or theatre tokens.

tip At time of writing the 'tkts' booth opening hours are as follows.
Page updated: February 2023
Opening hours: Monday - Saturday: 10:30 - 18:00
Sunday: 12:00 - 16:30.
You can buy tickets right up to 18:00 on the day of the show. If you are unsure as to whether you are going to make it to the show in time, ask the staff at the ticket desks for advice. They will let you know how far away from the theatre you are and advise you on the quickest way of getting there.

Contact details for 'tkts'

tip If you have access to the internet on the day when you would like to see a show, check what tickets 'tkts' have available that day. Go to 'What's on Sale Today' on the front page of the official website (see link above) and you can get a listing of what shows are available. This will save you from making a journey all of the way to Leicester Square only to find that they do not have tickets for the show that you want to see.

Location of 'tkts'

Tkts Leicester Square
The Lodge
Leicester Square

Website: Official 'tkts' Website

There nearest tube station to the 'tkts' booth is Leicester Square. From the tube exit you will need to cross Charing Cross Road and enter Leicester Square. As you enter the square you will see the park on your left. The 'tkts' clock tower building sits on the other side of the small park. It will take you less than five minutes to walk there from the tube station.

Other ticket booths in the area

A different half-price ticket booth in Leicester Square
A different half-price ticket booth in Leicester Square

There are lots of other discount ticket booths in and around Leicester Square. The Society of London Theatre advised me that if you are thinking of using one of these other booths you should follow certain guidelines. The essential guideline is to ensure that you check whether the vendor is a member of STAR (The Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers). You can ask them to see a certificate.

Check the STAR website to find their full advice on buying tickets. Official Website for The Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers Consumer Advice page.

Buying cheap tickets for the theatre can be slightly confusing. However, if you use all of the instructions and advice provided above, you should have no difficulties. If you go to the tkts booth with an open mind, you can enjoy the lottery of making a last-minute decision on what you would like to see, safe in the knowledge that you have not spent too much money on the ticket. If you decide to use a company other than tkts, ensure that you follow the guidelines that have been provided above.

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