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Tickets for Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London

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What better way to have a genuine London experience than to see a play at Shakespeare's Globe theatre? The Globe theatre is a reconstructed version of the original Globe theatre that was built in 1599. Thanks to the theatre being re-built in the 1990s you can now see a Shakespearian play in authentic Shakespearian surroundings. The Globe theatre is a roofless wooden 'O' shape - plays are available to see during the warm months of the year (see below for more details on what constitutes the theatre season).

One of the entertaining aspects of the Globe Theatre is that, like in its heyday, people from all walks of life are welcome. If you are strapped for cash, you can buy affordable tickets in the pit of the theatre where it is standing place - where the 'unwashed' would watch the plays during Shakespeare's time (see below for more details)!

Globe Theatre

Please note - this page deals with tickets for plays at the Globe theatre. If you would like to know about getting tickets for the Shakespeare's Globe exhibition and tour (tour options, what the tour is like, ticket prices, how to get tickets and contact details), see our Globe Theatre tours page.

To gain a more general overview of what to expect on a trip to the Globe Theatre (location, contact details, photos, the history of the placer and the activities that are on offer), you can check our General Guide to Shakespeare's Globe in London page.

Ticket options for the theatre

The programme at Shakespeare's Globe theatre is like any other modern theatre - it changes on a regular basis and plays are often given interesting new takes on the classic. Therefore, to find out what play will be showing at the Globe Theatre during your visit (if any - see below about the theatre season at the Globe) it is best to check the Programme page on the Official Shakespeare's Globe website. On this page you will find descriptions of each play that will be showing, including information on the background of the play and details of who will be performing.

Theatre season at the Globe:

Each year the theatre season at the Globe varies slightly. It tends to run from the end of April to the end of October. However if you would like to know the exact dates of the theatre season for the year of your visit you will need to check the Official Globe Theatre website.

Ticket options within the theatre:

Within Shakespeare's Globe the seating has been arranged how it would have been in Shakespeare's time when the poor would stand in the pit and the bourgeoisie had one of the best views from their decorated boxes looking down on the play. To look at a seating plan of the theatre and check how much ticket prices vary depending on where you are sitting, see the Official Globe Theatre Website seating plan page.

How to get tickets

It is possible to book tickets for the Globe theatre by the following methods:

At the venue: you can buy tickets for the various plays during theatre season on the day of your visit at the venue or prior to the day of the play. The Operating hours of the box office at the Globe theatre are published on the Official Globe theatre website box office page.

Online: go to the Official Shakespeare's Globe website and click on 'Box Office' in the Globe Theatre section. Here you can buy your tickets ahead of your trip.

Telephone: You can book your tickets over the telephone by calling the number below.

Booking line for plays
 +44 (0) 20 7401 9919

Ticket prices

The ethos of the team at the Globe theatre is that theatre should be for everybody and thus ticket prices for the plays reflect this. Ticket prices will vary from year to year and will depend on where you will be sitting or standing in the theatre. To find out the prices of the tickets and to choose a seat that best suits you, see the Official Shakespeare's Globe website ticket prices page.

How to get discount tickets

There are a number of different ways in which you can buy discounted or affordable tickets for plays at the Globe. The cheapest way to see a play at the Globe is to buy tickets for the area called the 'Yard'. This is an area at the front of the theatre where you will have to stand during the play. There is space for 700 people in this area for every performance. According to the theatre, these spaces will offer you one of the best views of the stage, however, you should be warned that you will not be able to sit down on the floor and you cannot bring any of your own seating. If you want one of the cheap tickets you must be willing to stand for the duration of the play.

'Yard' Tickets
Price: £5.00

It is also possible to get discounted tickets for the Globe theatre if you are registered as disabled or are buying tickets for a group of more than 14 people. For more information on getting these discounted tickets, call the number below.

Discount tickets for groups and disabled
 +44 (0) 20 7401 9919

If you have purchased a ticket to a play you will be entitled to a discount for the entrance price for the Shakespeare's Globe Exhibition and Tour.

Discount: £2.00

Contact details

For the general contact details for Shakespeare's Globe see our General Guide to the Globe Theatre and if you would like to contact the Globe theatre to buy theatre tickets, see the contact telephone number above.

Shakespeare's Globe offers a fitting setting to see a play by the famous playwright. On a trip to London the Globe Theatre offers the opportunity to have a truly British experience. Have a look at the programme in advance to see what shows are available, what tickets are left and if you are entitled to any discounts. Shakespeare's Globe offers prices that ensure that everybody can get involved.

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