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Covent Garden Cinema (The Odeon), London

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During a trip to Covent Garden, on a cold and rainy day you might fancy a trip to the cinema. This will give you the opportunity to relax and rest your feet in the hubbub of central London. Alternatively, it may simply be that during your holiday there is a new film out that you simply cannot miss.

This page will provide you with details on the Odeon cinema in Covent Garden. There is information on what to expect at the cinema, a link to ticket prices and instructions on how to get to the cinema from the closest tube and contact details.

What to expect at the cinema

The Odeon in Covent Garden is not one of the largest cinemas in central London. It has four screens, and the largest auditorium holds 233 people. However, it is centrally located and is a modern cinema with facilities including ice cream, hot dogs and sweet shop.

Tube Closest Tube: Leicester Square (Black Line / Northern Line and Blue Line / Piccadilly Line)

On leaving the Leicester Square tube station exit, head down the large Charing Cross Road, towards Shaftesbury Avenue. When you arrive at Shaftesbury Avenue, turn right and walk for about two minutes, until you reach the Odeon Cinema.

Opening times

The times of the films and also the opening times of the cinema vary. To find out about film times and opening times it is best to keep an eye on the official Covent Garden Odeon cinema website (see the link below).

Ticket prices

tip It is worth keeping an eye on the Official Odeon Cinema Covent Garden website (link below) for any deals that may be available on ticket prices. For example, tickets are sometimes cheaper on a Tuesday or if you are a teenager. These deals change on a regular basis, so check the website close to the time of your visit to see if you can get any special ticket prices.

To book your tickets for the cinema, you can either buy them at the venue, book them online (see the link provided below or call the box office on the number provided below.

The prices for the cinema vary depending on what time of the day you visit and your age. They are also subject to change on a regular basis. There, to find out about the ticket prices for the Covent Garden Odeon cinema it is best to check the Official Odeon Covent Garden tickets page.

Contact details

Odeon Covent Garden
135 Shaftesbury Avenue

Tel: +44 (0) 33 3006 7777

Website: Official Odeon Covent Garden website

It is worth remembering that Covent Garden is located right next to Leicester Square - the British epicentre of cinema. This is the place where a large majority of the UK's film premieres take place. It is also the home of some of the largest cinema screens in London. For more ideas of places to go to the cinema, see our Guide to Cinemas in Leicester Square.

Sometimes there is nothing better than a trip to the cinema. The small of fresh popcorn and the anticipation of seeing a brand new film on the big screen is hard to resist. Throughout central London you will find a large selection of cinema options. However, if you are in Covent garden your closest option in the Odeon on Shaftesbury Avenue. Take a look at what is showing during your visit and see if there is anything that takes your fancy.

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