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Overview to Clubs in Soho, London

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If you fancy a night out in the capital, there are few places more perfect than Soho to cater to your night-owl needs. Every street in the area offers an abundance of restaurants, bars and, of course, the all-important clubs. Throughout Soho, lurking behind grand entrances and inconspicuous doorways you will find a playground of cocktails, dance floors and music. Whether you are gay or straight, young or old, you will find a whole plethora of nightclub options in Soho.

This page will provide an overview to the clubs in Soho. There is some advice on what to expect from a night out in Soho. There are also links to individual pages with descriptions of some of the most popular clubs in Soho.

Each individual page provides information on the location, contact details, what to expect and photos of each club. The club listed is accompanied by an individual description of what to expect when you head there.

If you would like to start your night out with a few drinks in the bars in Soho, you will not be short of ideas in Soho. Check out our Guide to Bars in Soho for details on some of Soho's popular bars and pubs.

What to expect from the clubs in Soho

Floridita Cuban Club in the heart of Soho
Floridita Cuban Club in the heart of Soho

If you are looking to have a complete night out in Soho, don't forget that Soho is the proud owner of some of the best restaurants in London. If you would like to begin your evening with some dinner, you will find a whole range of options in the area. In Soho, there are restaurants to suit you whether you are after glamour, a quick bite, something exotic or something affordable. For more information on the eating options in Soho, check out our Guide to Restaurants in Soho.

Soho is famed for its nightlife. It does not have any huge clubs like Fabric or Proud2. But what it lacks in size it makes up for in atmosphere, originality and variety.

One of the important clubbing areas in Soho is the gay quarter. This can be found in and around Old Compton Street. If you are hoping for a night of gay bars and clubs, simply head to Old Compton Street and take a wander around the small streets that surround it. You will find bars and clubs to suit all tastes.

That is not to say that Soho only offers gay clubbing - there is something for everybody in this part of town. If you are simply in search of a night out and are open to different styles of music and dress codes, you can simply head to streets such as Wardour Street, Greek Street and Brewer Street. Each evening you will find these streets and those surrounding them thronging with people who are out to eat, drink and dance.

If you are looking for something more specific, it is worth doing some research prior to your trip. Have a look at the websites of the different clubs (see below). They will generally provide you with a wealth of information regarding their nightly programming. In Soho, you can find anything from salsa dance classes to electro DJs to live burlesque and cabaret any night of the week. You can also find information on dress code, opening times and maybe even whether they are offering any drinks deals.

Clubs in Soho

Here we have provided links to detailed pages for some of Soho's popular clubs. These are a few examples of the many clubs that can be found throughout the area. As is the case with forward-thinking and cosmopolitan places, the clubs in Soho are in constant flux. Therefore, to keep a close eye on new clubs that are opening or closing, it is worth buying a weekly listings guide such as Time Out magazine.

Freedom Bar is a baroque style two-floored club space with a cocktail bar and an intimate club area. Freedom Bar offers live cabaret and burlesque performances on some nights of the week.

Club 49 in Soho
Club 49 in Soho

Club 49 Soho is a club that suits a wide range of tastes. It has a modern feel with blue lighting and long shared banquet seating areas. You will find a large dance floor area lurking at the back of the bar - perfect when you are ready to have a boogie.

Soho Comedy Club does exactly what it says on the tin. For four nights every week the company offers comedy nights featuring both up and coming new talent and more established acts. It is a fun idea if you are searching for an activity to keep a large group amused.

Soho is a good place to head for a night out. Once you are there you have everything that you need in one place - the restaurants for some dinner before the night starts, a whole host of pubs and cocktail bars to enjoy some pre-dinner drinks and the ever-important selection of clubs. There are enough clubs in the area to ensure that there is something to suit all tastes and budgets. So, get your glad rags on and get ready to party.

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