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Clubs in Piccadilly Circus, London

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Piccadilly Circus is an area of London that offers a sense of glamour and occasion for a night out. It sits right in the heart of London and is surrounded by places where you can head to for a night out. If you don't like to get dressed up to go clubbing it is best to head to less central areas of London such as Shoreditch. However, if you are craving the opportunity to don your glad-rags and head out with your friends for a night of disco balls, cocktails and flirting, Piccadilly Circus should offer what you fancy.

This page will provide an overview to the clubs in Piccadilly Circus. You will find information on what to expect when you are on a night out in Piccadilly Circus. There are some links to detailed pages dealing with individual clubs - each page provides details on the location, contact details, what to expect and photos of each club.

You will find the listings split into their various categories to make them easier to find: club-bars (description below), comedy clubs and nightclubs. You will also find links to other areas that are in easy walking distance of Piccadilly Circus and offer a selection of clubbing options.

Perhaps, before hitting the clubs in the area you and your friends would like to hit some of the bars in Piccadilly Circus - you will have a wide variety of options. Check out our Guide to Bars in Piccadilly Circus for details on some of Piccadilly Circus's popular bars and pubs.

What to expect from the clubs in Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus is not, in itself, home to any nightclubs. However, in the streets surrounding the large square, you will find a plethora of options for your clubbing needs. You will find more sophisticated club-bars that appeal to a more mature crowd (and where drinks prices reflect the affluent crowd). You will also find a selection of comedy clubs - not strictly a nightclub, but a good place to head for an evening of drinking and entertainment with friends.

In terms of opening hours, clubs in the area tend to stay open until 03:00 or 04:00. However, this will vary between clubs and will often depend on what night of the week you are visiting the club - for exact times it is best to check with the individual club.

When deciding what to wear, it is worth remembering that, in general, the clubs in and around Piccadilly Circus are glamorous. To ensure that you don't feel out of place (or in worse case scenarios, to ensure that you get in), it is best to make an effort. Some of the clubs may require men to be in shoes, rather than trainers.

Club-bars in Piccadilly Circus

A club-bar is like a cross between a bar and club. It is somewhere that will open either all day or earlier in the evening, offering a relaxed bar environment. However, as night falls, the club-bars will up the tempo - a DJ will hit the decks, the lights will be dimmed, and the dance floor will spring into action. In reality, the majority of nightclubs in and around Piccadilly Circus are club-bars. This is probably due to the fact that Piccadilly Circus lies right in the very heart of London, so venues tend to be reasonably small. This makes for an intimate and grown-up setting to go clubbing in.

For a guide to the club-bars in and around Piccadilly Circus, see our

Guide to Bars in Piccadilly Circus Here you will find listings for the popular club-bars in the area with links to detailed pages offering location, opening times, photos and descriptions.

Comedy clubs

A comedy club is a good option for a night out in the city centre. The logistics of organising a big group of friends in the city centre can be complicated. A comedy night takes this problem out of your hands - you can enjoy a whole night of entertainment under one roof. There is a small selection of comedy clubs in Piccadilly Circus. You will also find a wide selection of comedy clubs in the nearby areas of Soho and Leicester Square (see below for more details).

For details of the comedy offerings in Piccadilly Circus, see our Guide to the Comedy Store in Piccadilly Circus


As explained above, nightclubs in and around Piccadilly Circus tend to be club-bars. For large nightclubs, you will need to look further out of town to places like Fabric in Farringdon and Proud2 in the O2 arena.

Surprisingly, you will also find some smaller nightclubs inside some of the livelier restaurants in Piccadilly Circus. These places offer a lively option for a night out as you will find all of your entertainment under one roof - you can go for a drink, have some dinner and then hit the dance floor. If you are planning a night out at a restaurant like this, it is best to book at least a couple of nights in advance to avoid disappointment. To find out more about the restaurants with clubs in see our Guide to the Gaucho Grill

Clubs in areas close to Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus sits right in the very heart of London and is surrounded by other areas that also offer some good clubbing options. It is worth remembering that Piccadilly Circus is just a square. Therefore, to get the most from the area, you will need to venture into surrounding places. Here are some links to other areas where you will find a selection of clubbing options:

Soho Clubs

Soho is a good area to head to if you are after a lively night out. It sits with five minutes' walking distance of Piccadilly Circus, and it is jam-packed with small and interesting clubs to suit all tastes. It offers clubs that appeal to a younger (and perhaps less dressed up) crowd than Piccadilly Circus. However, it also offers the more upmarket and exclusive clubbing options. Clubs in Leicester Square

Leicester Square also offers a good selection on nightclub options. The clubs here are more similar to those found in Piccadilly Circus. They tend to be glamorous and attract a dressed-up out of town crowd. You can walk to Leicester square from Piccadilly Circus in about three minutes or less.

Piccadilly Circus and the surrounding areas offer a great selection of places to enjoy a night out with your friends. The options can vary greatly, so it is worth doing some research before you head into town. Once you have sorted out where you want to head, all that's left to do is choose an outfit and call your friends to see who's in.

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