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The Westminster Pub in Westminster, London

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What is The Westminster like?

The Westminster is a pub with a reasonably modern edge - it has dark wooden floors, seating booths with cream leather chairs and large chandeliers dotted around the place. It is the sort of pub that you would not necessarily travel to visit, however, if you are in the Westminster area it is a good place to pop into to grab a pint or a bite to eat. If you are hungry during your visit, pizzas are the surprise speciality of the day in this establishment. And in terms of drinks, they offer everything from speciality ales to cocktails.

Who would visit this bar?

The Westminster pub is popular amongst workers in the Westminster area. This means that as work finishes the bar fills to the rafters to local professionals coming to unwind after a hard day at the office. As you can imagine, people working in the Westminster area tend to have jobs in politics, media or business, meaning that you will see lots of suited and booted locals enjoying some post-work banter. If you are looking for a quiet drink it is best to head to the pub either before the after-work crowd descend at about 18:00 or after they leave at about 21:00.

When is the best time to visit?

The Westminster Pub offers a different experience depending on what time you visit. If you visit during the day, you will find a reasonable quiet space in which you can sit and enjoy some food and drink in relaxed surroundings. From around 17:00 onwards on weekdays, the pub transformed into a buzzing hive of activity as office workers from the surrounding area flock to the pub to chat about the latest office scandals. At weekends the pub is a quitter space again, offering you the chance to sit and spend a few hours here and try out one of the pub's popular pizzas.

Where is the bar situated?

Why should you consider visiting The Westminster?

The Westminster is a reliable and well-serviced pub in a part of town that is steeped in attractions and history. It is the perfect place to head to if you are in the area and in need of a place to relax, enjoy a pint and perhaps even get some food. Come in the weekday evenings to get a taste of what the working scene is like in the area - you never know, you might even spot a politician discussing the day's events in Parliament!

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