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The Duke of York Pub in Westminster, London

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What is The Duke of York like?

The Duke of York is a traditional British pub in a traditional part of London - a wonderful place to head to for a truly local experience. Like most of all, the great traditional pubs, the focus here is not on the food or the service. It is in the atmosphere. That is not to say that the service or the food is bad. The food on offer is standard pub fayre (fish and chips, burgers and sandwiches) and it is produced to a high standard. The service is also friendly and speedy. However, what you will enjoy here is the cosy setting, the high-quality ales and the banter between the customers.

Who would visit this bar?

The Duke of York's location makes it is popular, first and foremost, with office workers in the area. They come here to unwind after a hard day's work and enjoy a drink in a cheap and cheerful environment with their friends and colleagues. Its central location also makes it is popular with tourists and other locals who happen to be passing by - it is less a destination pub (unless you work in the area) and more a place to pop into if you see it on a day or night out.

When is the best time to visit?

The Duke of York enjoys a steady flow of customers during the day and into the evening. However, if you head to the pub between the hours of about 18:00 and 21:00 you will find that it is crammed with locals who have come here for an after-work drink. If you would like a more quiet experience it is best to head here during the day or later on in the evening, after about 21:00, when the office workers have headed home to grab their dinner.

Where is the bar situated?

Why should you consider visiting The Westminster?

The Westminster has a prime location in the heart of Westminster, making it a place to head to if you are checking out the local attractions and fancy grabbing a drink and a bite to eat. In contrast to chain bars or restaurants, here you will enjoy a more genuine London experience - you can try local ale and tuck into one of their homely meals.

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