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Cubana Bar in Waterloo, London

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What is Cubana bar like?

Cubana Bar is a breath of fresh air - a bright and lively Cuban bar that sits in the very heart of Waterloo. As you approach Cubana bar you will not be able to miss it - there is a large and bright mural over the side of the building that sits on the corner of Lower Marsh (a street in waterloo that is full of bars and restaurants). The bar is large and ramshackle, giving a genuine sense of Cuba - there are Cuban pictures in the walls and lots of space for dancing. It offers a great variety - you can enjoy lunch or dinner here, order in a round of cocktail or Latin beers and shake your hips on the dance floor to some Latin beats.

Cubana Bar in Waterloo
Cubana Bar in Waterloo

Who would visit this bar?

Cubana Bar appeals to fun-lovers of all ages. It is a welcoming bar with a non-exclusive feel - all are welcome here for a drink and a dance. It is not the place to head to if you are after a quiet drink. The bar offers sporadic salsa classes (see the website link below for more information). However, they are also a restaurant, meaning that you can enjoy a Latin-American meal here with friends - it is a good spot to head to with a large group for a birthday or other celebration.

When is the best time to visit?

Cubana Bar opens each weekday at midday, making a suitable spot to head to for a spot of lunch. This means that Cubana Bar is a good place to head to for some dinner followed by some drinking and dancing.

Opening hours:

Month Day Time
January - December Monday - Tuesday 12:00 Noon - 00:00 Midnight
Wednesday - Thursday 12:00 Noon - 01:00
Friday - Saturday 12:00 Noon - 03:00
Sunday 13:00 - 00:00 Midnight

tip It is worth noting that Cubana Bar offer happy hours most days of the week. This is a good opportunity to get some cheap mojitos or shots of tequila to get the party started. The happy hours vary depending on the day, so it is best to keep an eye on the official website (link below) to find out when you can get the some of the best deals.

Where is the bar situated?

Why should you consider visiting Cubana Bar?

Cubana Bar is a Waterloo institution - a place that you can head to with a group of friends for a good night out. The spicy food, well-made cocktails and salsa music are a recipe for fun. They also ensure that you can have a relatively cheap night out in an area that is not always healthy for the wallet. Head to Cubana Bar for your whole evening's fun under one roof - dinner, dancing and drinks are all on offer here.


Cubana Bar
48 Lower Marsh

Tel: +44 (0) 74 7496 8275

Website: Official Cubana Waterloo website

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