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Ronnie Scotts Club in Soho, London

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What is Ronnie Scotts Club like?

Ronnie Scotts is one of the legendary jazz clubs in the whole world. It sits at the very heart of Soho and is visited by jazz players and enthusiasts from around the globe. Ronnie Scotts has been open since 1959 and has seen some of the most legendary jazz players come through its doors. If you plan on heading to Ronnie Scotts it is essential that you are going there for the music - once you are seated, you should kick back with a whiskey and simply enjoy the music. It is not like a normal club - you will be seated at small round tables where you can eat or simply drink. You will be offered table service so that you will not need to interrupt the performance to go and get a drink.

Who would visit this club?

Ronnie Scotts is popular amongst a crowd that share one thing in common - a love of jazz music. The fact that it has been around for years means that it attracts a more mature crowd who are more interested in listening to music than flirting or dancing. Fans of jazz visit Ronnie Scotts from all around the world. So it doesn't matter if you are young or old, male or female, as long as you love the music, you will not feel out of place here.

When is the best time to visit?

Ronnie Scotts is open every night of the week. You will need to check the official website (see link below) to find out the nightly showtimes. It is important to remember that you will need to pay an entrance fee for the club - this is not like a normal club, it is more of a concert venue, so it is best to book your tickets in advance on the website (see the link below). It is possible t buy tickets on the door of the venue, but if there is a musician in particular who you would like to see it is definitely best to buy your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment - this is one of the popular live music venues in the whole of the capital.

Where is the club situated?

Tube Closest Tube: Tottenham Court Road (Red Line / Central Line and Black Line / Northern Line)

Why should you consider visiting Ronnie Scotts Club?

Ronnie Scotts Club is one of the well-known jazz venues in the whole world. Ask any self-respecting jazz aficionado about the club and they will be able to tell you about it. Most of all of the greats have played at Ronnie Scotts, so whilst you are there you will get the sense that you are making a part of musical history. The club sits right at the very heart of the throng of Soho, meaning that before or after the performance you can go for drinks or dinner in some of the bars or restaurants. Get ready for a truly 'jazz' experience, with low lighting, an intimate setting and an electric atmosphere.


Ronnie Scotts Club
47 Frith Street

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7439 0747

Website: Official Website for Ronnie Scotts Club

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