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French House Pub in Soho, London

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What is the French House pub like?

The French House is one of Soho's oldest institutions - a traditional British pub with a French twist. Alongside the beers and spirits, they offer over thirty different champagnes and a good wine selection. The pub has a reputation for being a place that is frequented by local creative working in the area - artists, actors, film-makers and architects. The pub itself has the trappings of a normal British pub - a sticky carpet, mottled mirrors and wooden seating. What distinguishes this place from the other watering holes in the area is it buzzing atmosphere and colourful clientele (The official website boasts that the pub has a policy of " No music, no machines, no television and no mobile phones").

If you get a bit peckish whilst you are at the pub you can head to their upstairs restaurant - the popular 'Polpetto'. This is currently one of Soho's hottest eateries, selling small plates of tapas-style Italian food. You cannot book a table for dinner, so you can simply let them know that you would like to eat and then head downstairs for a drink whilst you wait for your table.

French House Pub in Soho
French House Pub in Soho

Who would visit this bar?

The French House is known as the place to head for after work drinks for creative types who are working in the Soho area. You will find a cross section of gays and straights. The advertising execs will be in their suits, the architects in slick casual wear and the artists in paint splattered tees. Everybody is welcome at the French House and there's no way that you can feel out of place here.

When is the best time to visit?

As long as you don't mind standing (potentially outside the pub) whilst you nurse your pint, the real buzzing atmosphere happens from about 6pm - 9pm each evening. If you would like a quieter drink, come during the day or later in the evening.

Where is the bar situated?

Tube Closest Tube: Piccadilly Circus (Brown Line / Bakerloo Line and Blue Line / Piccadilly Line)

Why should you consider visiting The French House?

The French House is a classic British pub. If you would like to get a real sense of what Britain is, you have to try out a laid-back British pub. And to get a real taste of what Soho is about, you have to try The French House - a drinking den staple for Soho regulars.


The French House
49 Dean Street

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7437 2477

Website: Official Website for The French House Bar

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