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Guanabara in Covent Garden, London

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What is Guanabara bar like?

Guanabara is a Brazilian themed late-night bar in the heart of Covent Garden. They are open seven nights a week, with DJs and live acts with a Brazilian feel. The bar itself is sleek and modern, with a wave-shaped bar, sleek wooden floors and dim lighting. The bar is the perfect place to head for a touch of warm and sunny Brazil right in the heart of the city. Not only can you drink Brazilian cocktail and listen to Brazilian music, you can also enjoy traditional Brazilian food from the bar menu.

Who would visit this bar?

This bar appeals to a lively and open-minded crowd who want to immerse themselves in Brazilian culture. Do not come to Guanabara if you don't plan on doing some drinking and dancing - music is at the very heart of the atmosphere in the bar. The bar offers deals for groups (see information on the official website - link below), so it is an enjoyable place to head if you are partying with a big crew.

When is the best time to visit?

Guanabara bar is open at  the following times (for the exact opening times check the official website - see link below). This means that it is a place to head in the evenings for some food, drinks and dancing.

Where is the bar situated?

Why should you consider visiting Guanabara Bar?

Guanabara bar offers something a little bit different - a step into Brazil right in the heart of Covent Garden. This is an amusing place to go with your family or friends for a lively atmosphere, drinking and dancing.

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