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Guide to Buying Tickets for the London Eye

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This page will guide you through the many different ticket options for the London eye. You will learn which ticket option is best for you, how to buy it and how to obtain discounts to save you money.

Ticket options for the London Eye

Tickets for the flights:

Flexi Standard Flight - A standard flight on the London Eye that you can use at any time (rather than having to book a particular flight time). You can only buy this ticket online.

Flexi Fast Track - Like the Flexi Standard Flight (see above), but you will not need to join the queues. This ticket is only available to buy online.

Standard Flight - A flight on the London Eye. You will be booked onto a particular flight on a particular date. You can book this online or at the venue.

Fast Track - Like the Standard Flight (see above), but you will not need to join the queues.

Tickets for the flights with extras:

Champagne Flight - A standard flight with the added treats of a glass of champagne (Pommery Brut Royal Champagne) and a fast track service so that you don't have to queue. It is also possible to book a flight where you can enjoy two glasses of champagne (Extra Glass of Champagne Flight).

Flights at particular times:

Red Rose Flight: These flights are only available on Valentines Day. They take place after dark. You can enjoy a flight watching the lights of the city and will be given a red rose and some chocolates.

Red Rose Flight
Date: 14 February

Sunset and Night Flight - A flight at sunset and into darkness to see the city by night. These flights are only available on certain days (see the Official London Eye Website for the exact dates).

Package tickets:

It is possible to buy tickets that will combine your trip on the London Eye with restaurant deals, hotel deals or theatre shows. For details on how to book this online, check the Official London Eye Website Packages page. Here you will find details on how to book the tickets and what deals you can get.

River cruise tickets:

London Eye River Cruise - It is possible to buy a ticket for the London Eye River Cruise that is separate to the London Eye flight. For details of what the cruise entails, see our General Guide to the London Eye.

London Eye and River Cruise Combination Ticket - Take a river boat cruise either before or after your flight on the London Eye (see above fir link to details of the river cruise). You will need to book times for both the cruise and the flight on the London Eye - for advice on doing this check the Official London Eye Website FAQs page.

Private Capsules:

It is also possible to book a whole capsule to yourself. They can be hired out for Valentines, children's parties, make overs and other ideas. For details on how to go about booking this and the different options that are available see the Official London Eye website Private capsules page.

RememberDon't forget, the tickets that you buy for the London Eye will include a free trip to the London Eye 4D Experience. For a description of what this is about and when you can use it, see our London Eye General Guide.

How to get tickets

There are three ways in which you can buy tickets for the London Eye and related activities:

Online: got to the Official London Eye Website and click on the tickets section. Here you can choose the exact ticket that you want to buy and book in advance. It is worth noting that, for some tickets, there are discounts if you book online - see below for more details.

At the venue: it is possible to buy tickets on the day of your visit. On arrival at the London Eye you will see the ticket offices sitting directly in front of the wheel.

Ticket prices

Please note that the prices quoted here are for London Eye tickets if you make your purchases online. In general prices are slightly higher if you buy them at the ticket office (normally 10%, but for exact figures see the Official London Eye Website).

Ticket type Adults - price including VAT Kids (age 4 - 15) - price including VAT Kids (under 4) - price including VAT Senior Citizens - price including VAT Family of Four (two adults and two children under the age of 16) - price including VAT
Flexi Standard Flight £19.98 £11.83 FREE N/A £63.61
Flexi Fast Track £31.05 £31.05 FREE N/A £124.20
Standard Flight £16.74 £8.58 FREE £13.50 £45.60
Fast Track £25.65 £25.65 FREE N/A £102.60
Champagne Flight £31.54 £31.54 FREE N/A N/A
Sunset and Night Flight £16.74 £8.59 FREE N/A £50.65
Red Rose Flight £22.56 £11.28 £11.28 N/A N/A
Valentine Champagne Flight £31.54 N/A N/A N/A N/A

How to get discount tickets

It is worth noting that if you book your tickets online rather than at the booking office you will automatically get a discount of anywhere between 10 and 18 percent. This will depend on what ticket you choose to but - to find out which tickets offer the largest discounts it is best to keep an eye on the Official London Eye Website.

You can also get discounts on selected London hotels, restaurants, shows and attractions (Madame Tussauds, the London Dungeon, the London Aquarium when you buy a ticket for the London Eye. For details of the options, see the Official London Eye Website packages page and combination tickets page.

Visiting the London Eye will enable you to get to know the city and something that the family will enjoy. If you know you want to visit during your trip to London it is worth booking your tickets in advance - you will save money and avoid queues and confusion on the day. Use this page to choose the ticket type that best suits you and you should get the best from your visit.

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