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Tickets for the London Aquarium on the Southbank

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London Aquarium is situated right on the South Bank in the heart of London, and it is one of London's popular tourist attractions. It is worth considering buying tickets in advance for your trip to the Sealife Centre as you will save up to a third of the ticket price. There is also a whole range of different ticket options, including family tickets, fast track tickets and evening tickets. You could also consider buying combination tickets for the London Aquarium, plus other London attractions (see below for the options) to save money on entrance prices.

This page will provide you with a guide to buying tickets for your trip to the London Aquarium: different ways in which you can buy tickets, ticket prices, options for discount on the tickets and contact details for ticket sales.

If you would like to gain a more general overview of what to expect on a trip to the London Aquarium (location, contact details, photos, the history of the placer and the activities that are on offer), you can check our General Guide to the Sealife Centre Aquarium page.

What are the different ticket options?

When you are buying tickets for the London Aquarium you can enjoy a wide variety of options. Here is a summary of the options to ensure that you will not have too much difficulty in finding the ticket that best suits you. See below for the prices of the different ticket options.

General Admission: This ticket will offer you general admission to the aquarium at a time that suits you.

Priority Entrance: This ticket is the same as the General Admission, however, on arrival at the aquarium you will be allowed to skip the queue.

VIP Family Ticket: This ticket allows admission to the Sealife centre for two adults and two children. In addition to admission, you will also be given a souvenir photo and a souvenir guide.

Combination Tickets: The London Aquarium is affiliated with other major London attractions (the group is known as Merlin Entertainments) - London Dungeons, Madame Tussauds and the London Eye. Have a think and consider how many other of these attractions that you plan on visiting. You can but combination tickets for any combination of these attractions. This will mean that the tickets for each attraction will be cheaper than if you were to buy them individually. For a list of the prices, see the Sealife Centre official Website combination tickets page.

Annual Passes: It is possible to buy an annual pass for both the London Aquarium and a pass covering the Merlin Entertainments London attractions (listed above). For a list of the prices and what the pass entitles you to (including discounts off the gift shops, restaurants etc), see the Sealife Centre official Website annual tickets page.

How to get tickets

There are three ways in which you can buy tickets for the London Aquarium:

Online: head to the Official London Aquarium Website and click on the 'Buy Tickets' button. Here you can choose the exact ticket that you want to buy and book in advance. It is worth noting that, for the tickets, there are discounts if you book online - these can vary from anywhere between 10% and 33%.

At the venue: it is possible to buy tickets on the day of your visit. The ticket desks sit at the entrance to the London Aquarium.

Telephone: you can call to make a booking. If you book over the telephone, you will pay the same prices as if you buy tickets at the venue.

Tel (standard bookings): +44 (0) 87 1663 1678
Tel (group bookings and school bookings): 44 (0) 87 1222 6944

Ticket prices

London Aquarium ticket prices vary depending on what type of ticket you buy. See the table below for the exact prices:

Ticket Type Adults - price including VAT Children (age 3 to 15 years) price including VAT Concessions - price including VAT Family (2 adults and 2 children) - price including VAT Children (under 3 years)
General Admission £17.14 £12.66 £16.20 £54.00 FREE
Priority Entrance £18.75 £14.25 £17.40 N/A FREE
VIP Family Ticket N/A N/A N/A £58.56 N/A

It is worth noting that the prices quoted here are for London Aquarium tickets if you make your purchases online. In general prices are slightly higher if you buy them at the ticket office (normally 10%, but for exact figures see the Official London Aquarium Website).

tip It is also worth noting that there are other ticket options available including combination tickets with other attractions and annual passes. For details on what these are and links to the prices, see above.

How to get discount tickets

The simplest way to get discount on your tickets for the London Aquarium is by buying your tickets online. Discount on tickets bought online is anywhere between 10% and 33%. See the prices above for more details.

You also have the option of buying a combination ticket that will also grant you entrance to other London attraction - see above for more details.

Contact details

See above for the telephone numbers that you can call to buy tickets for the London Aquarium. For details of how to get in touch with the London Aquarium, see our General Guide to the London Aquarium page.

The London Aquarium is a popular attraction and is an enjoyable place to bring the kids. Prior to your visit have a look at the various ticket options. Buying in advance will be cheaper. It will also give you the opportunity to consider tickets other than the general admission ticket, such as the cheaper evening ticket, the special VIP passes or the combination tickets that also incorporate other attractions.

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