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Piccadilly Circus

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Piccadilly Circus
Piccadilly Circus
Piccadilly Circus is an iconic and famous area of London. It is based in the heart of the city, and its large neon signs and ornate buildings give it an instantly recognizable look. It is a relatively small area, with a handful of bars, restaurants or shops in the square itself. However, since it is in the heart of London, it is easy walking distance for entertainment to appeal to the whole family.

This page will provide you with an overview of what to expect on a trip to Piccadilly Circus. You will also find links to more detailed pages on the cinemas, bars, clubs and places to eat in the area. Each link will bring you through to listings pages providing locations, contact details, descriptions, ticketing information and booking advice for the relevant establishments.

Piccadilly Circus: what to expect and what makes the area special

Piccadilly Circus is situated between Leicester Square, famous for its cinemas, and Regent Street, one of London's most popular shopping destinations. It is also within easy walking distance of Trafalgar Square, Pall Mall, Soho and Buckingham Palace.

Piccadilly Circus itself acts as a thoroughfare or meeting point more than an end destination. However, it is a good central place to start a day of shopping and sightseeing or a night of drinking, eating and dancing. In Piccadilly Circus you will find the famous Lilywhites department store, the Criterion theatre and the Trocadero centre (see below for more details). At its very centre, you will also find a pedestrianised section with a fountain called the Statue of Eros - a picturesque spot to get a holiday snap.

You will also find the famous illuminated advertisements that wrap themselves around one of the tallest buildings in the square - making it look like a small section of Times Square in New York. These adverts change from time to time, but the Sanyo and TDK signs seem to have stood the test of time.

If you take a walk around the smaller streets that surround Piccadilly Circus you will find a wealth of places of interest including bars, shops, clubs and restaurants. The links below will send you to our pages with more details you to places that you can head to in the area, not just those that are directly on Piccadilly Circus.

The Trocadero near Piccadilly Circus
The Trocadero near Piccadilly Circus

How to get there

Piccadilly Circus is in the very heart of London, therefore it is best to use public transport to travel to the city centre. Piccadilly Circus has a tube stop that will allow you to arrive right in the heart of the area. Once you arrive at the Piccadilly Circus underground stop, simply leave the station and you will find yourself in the centre of the square.

Tube Tube: Piccadilly Circus (Blue Line / Piccadilly Line and Brown Line / Bakerloo Line)

Cinemas nearby

Cineworld Cinema in Piccadilly Circus
Cineworld Cinema in Piccadilly Circus

In and around Piccadilly Circus you will find a number of cinemas that you can head to if the sightseeing is all getting a bit much. The centre of London offers a wide selection of cinemas with large screens, comfortable seating and a extensive variety of film choices. To find out about the cinemas that are in easy walking distance of Piccadilly Circus, with information on ticketing, what to expect, services, web links and special offers, see our page on Cinemas in Piccadilly Circus.

It is also worth remembering that Piccadilly Circus is about one minute's walk from one of the famous areas for cinemas in England - Leicester Square. This is the place where many of the UK premieres for big budget films take place - an ideal opportunity to do some celeb spotting. To find out more about the cinemas in Leicester Square, see our page on Cinemas in Leicester Square.

Places to eat

The Criterion Restaurant in Piccadilly Circus
The Criterion Restaurant in Piccadilly Circus

In the streets surrounding Piccadilly Circus you will find eateries to suit different tastes and budgets. The area offers everything from budget Italians, to old-school high-end eateries, to restaurants that also have their own bar and club. Before you head to the area, it is worth doing some research to find the restaurant that best suits what you are after. The area is popular, so if you are going for a more formal dinner, it may be worth booking in advance. For details on the restaurant options in the area, including links to individual reviews with descriptions, contact details, opening times and booking information, see our page Eating Out in Piccadilly Circus.

Bars and pubs

There are a large number of places to head for a drink in the areas surrounding Piccadilly Circus. If you would like to have a truly English experience, you can try out one of the traditional British pubs in the area. If you would like a quiet drink you can head to a classy wine bar. If you fancy getting dressed up there are a lot of cocktail bars and club-bars where you can head to for a night of drinking and dancing. For listings of the bars in the area, with links to individual pages for some of the most popular bars in the area, see our Guide to Bars in Piccadilly Circus.

Clubs in the area

Around the Piccadilly Circus area you will discover the odd club. However you will probably need to go to nearby Soho and Leicester Square if you want a wider selection. For further details on both nightclubs and comedy clubs in the area, see our page Clubs in Piccadilly Circus.

Piccadilly Circus underground station

The tube station in Piccadilly Circus sits right in the centre of the square, ensuring that on emerging from underground your senses will be treated to the lights and sounds of one of the busiest squares in London. The station is on two lines: the Bakerloo line (brown line) and the Piccadilly line (blue line). This makes it convenient to get to from other parts of London.

Piccadilly Circus Station
London Underground Ltd
Piccadilly Circus

Website: Official Website for Piccadilly Circus underground station

Parking nearby

It is best to avoid driving into the centre of London if possible - taxis and public transport in the city centre are affordable and convenient. However, if you do need to drive into the centre you will find a small selection of car parks where you can leave your car.

There are a few NCP car parks in the area:

Brewer Street Car Park
Brewer Street

Arlington Street Car Park
18 Arlington Street

Upper Street Car Park
6 Upper Street St Martins Lane

For more information on the car parks, see the Official NCP Car Parks Website.

Piccadilly Circus is an iconic area in London. It is a good place to start your day out in London. Do a little research by following our links above and reading our more detailed pages before you go to make sure you make the most of your day.

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