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London is a city that offers you excitement, adventure and warmth (well, warmth in the summer time, at least). It is a place that brims with culture and history - here you will find World class museums, art galleries and historical buildings. It is also a deeply multicultural city - for generations people have come from all over the world to settle here, creating a diverse and unique atmosphere.

One of the greatest things about London is the sheer variety of experience that it offers you. Where else in the world will you find sushi at 03:00 in the morning; vintage style 'prohibition parties' in a town hall; eight storey modern art museums and early morning flower markets all in one place? If you are in search of peace and tranquillity, the city's many parks, gardens and riversides offer an air of calm.

If its glamour you're after, you'll find designer shops, forward thinking restaurants and fashionable cocktail bars. For a sense of true traditional British-ness, the regal castles, friendly pubs and quaint tea rooms will tick all of the boxes.

There's something to love in London every hour of the day. Maybe you'll fall for the early morning calm before the craziness begins.

Perhaps the lunchtime rush of ant-like men in suits will make you laugh. Watching the sun set from the iconic Tower Bridge may be the memory that stays with you forever.

Or perhaps you'll want to come back to see more of those crazy and eclectic night owls who take to the streets after dark.

Whatever special memories that stay in your mind after your visit to London, you may find, like many other visitors, a yearning desire to return to experience more.

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